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The best clipboard manager for Windows

Pasteboard is the best way to save, search, and pin for later, everything you copy on Windows.

Save, Search, and pin your clips for later.
give your clipboard superpowers

Organize and Recall Anything

Keep Colors

Brand Colors

Easily store brand colors in HEX, name them, and copy them quickly.

Keep Code Snippets

Code Snippets

Keep key terminal commands and code snippets at the ready.

Keep URLs & Media Files

URLs & Media Files

Store bookmarks and all the media files you keep scattered across your desktop.

Organize and Recall Anything
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What are people saying?


My fucking goodness. You finally made something for windows ONLY. Sick of this "oNlY mAc Os" gatekeeping. THOSE GUYS GET ALL THE COOL APPS

Emilio lopez

I finally have every pitch deck and case study in a convenient easy to use tool. During sales calls I can easily search and copy the right links within a matter of seconds. Pasteboard is a god send.

HS Shah
VP of Sales

It saves me so much time and hassle by storing everything I copy to my clipboard. I can easily find and reuse any text, image, or file that I need.

Reyna perez
Senior Designer

You asked, we answered.

How does it work?

Pasteboard runs in the background and launches on Windows start. It saves your entire clipboard history locally and nothing is uploaded to the cloud. You can pull it up any time in any app with CTRL+SHIFT+V.

How much does it cost?

Pasteboard is currently free and will always offer a free plan. Cloud Sync and Mobile apps may have a monthly cost when they launch.

How do I save clips?

You can right click any clip to save it into your Saved Clips section. Custom tagging and customizable sections are coming soon.

How do I edit the name of a clip?

Double click the title of any clip to give it a helpful name for reference or searching later.

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